Corporate Events Punta Cana

Are you planning a corporate event in Punta Cana? Are you interested in strengthening the bonds between the members of your team? Exotic Escape Games is the ultimate corporate event activity to encourage leadership & team building skills. Exotic Escape Games is also  the only indoor, air conditioned team building venue in Punta Cana.

All Exotic Escape Games are based around team work only and not around physical ability – perfect for all groups.

Our indoor Escape Games create fun and laughter along with a very unique thinking experience that will be remembered around the water cooler for a long time.

Players have to work together, communicate well, lead, follow, listen and believe in each other and possibly be ready to admit mistakes in order to move forward together, and escape Punta Cana!

Why Choose Exotic Escape Games for your Corporate Event in Punta Cana?

  • We are the leader in Escape Game experiences in the Caribbean!
  • We have head-to-head competitions!
  • We have outdoor patio seating for 20!
  • We are air conditioned!
  • We have beer and water!
  • You can reserve the entire space for your corporate event!

Punta Cana Corporate Event Information

For more information about planning your corporate event in Punta Cana please contact us today.