Can You Escape Punta Cana in 60 Minutes?

We kindly welcome you to a fun and unique Escape Adventure in the Dominican Republic – Escape Punta Cana!

This indoor adventure game will challenge your mind on a whole other level, all while practicing team building, leadership and of course having a great entertainment experience!

Teams of 2 to 6 work together to solve a series of games and puzzles and finally – Escape! Each game will not only challenge your mind but also push you to think outside-the-box. Please be careful, you only have 60 minutes to escape your room!

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Murder At The Beach

Can you Escape Punta Cana in 60 minutes and find out who committed Murder At The Beach?


The Rum Family Fortune

Can you Escape Punta Cana in 60 minutes and find out who stole the Rum Family Fortune?

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The Lost Treasure

Can you Escape Punta Cana in 60 minutes and find out who stole the Lost Treasure?

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How It Works!

Once you enter your Escape Room the door behind you will close. You are now locked inside and must explore your surroundings in order to Escape Punta Cana. Collect and use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape your room in 60 minutes or less! Interested in combining your Escape Game with Punta Cana Drone Photography excursions? Let us know!

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Escape Punta Cana

Choose Your Escape!

Choose your Escape from one of our three fun and entertaining Escape Rooms!

Escape Punta Cana

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How To Play Escape

Come Have Fun!

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Games for Beginners to Advanced Players

Did you just succeed in escaping our Beginner room? Challenge your team and try to escape the intermediate or advanced rooms also. Every room offers a different theme along with unique puzzles and games to ensure you have a great entertainment experience again and again.

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Please try to arrive 15 minutes in advance. Your escape game lasts for 60 minutes and there is a short instruction session before you start your Escape!

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